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Here is a growing collection of funny stories and jokes that have been given to us by people who have visited our web site. If you have something funny that you would like to contribute, please email us!

New Where Did the White Man Go Wrong? (A STAARMan favorite)
New Cardiovascular Health
25 Easy-To-Do New Year's Resolutions
Real Signs
Fish n' Chips
Three Ladies at a Baseball Game
More One Liners
The Caring Lawyer
Keeping Your Insanity
Words to Live By
Blonde Jokes Payback
  (A STAARMan favorite)
The World's Fifteen Thinnest Books

Are You Manager Material?
Lost in Flight
Biz Sign Wars
Dear God -- Church Sign
Female Perspective
Funny Court Transcripts (A STAARMan favorite)
Funny Voice Mail Messages
Water in the Carb
Murphy's Computer Laws
Who Makes the Best Patient?
Faith is a Gas: The Improvising Nuns
Doctor's rates: Searching for a Better Deal (A STAARMan favorite)
Stupid Criminals
Blonde and a Snowplow (A STAARMan favorite)
Children's Letters to God
Phone-in Polls
Storm Forecasting
The Invisable Patient (A STAARMan favorite)
Two-Liner Groaners
Cat Diary
In Need of All Pertenent Details
Hot Tips on Coming Stock Mergers (A STAARMan favorite)
The Smell of Breakfast (A Mole Story)
Computer Tech Definitions for County Folk
1998 Top Headlines
Funny Marriage Shorts
One-Liners & Short Stuff
The Bible According to Kids (A STAARMan favorite)
The Almost-Perfect Wife
WIN98 Recall
The Sarcastic Burglar (A STAARMan favorite)
The Computer Help Line
Final Exam
You know your in trouble when...
Seminars for Men and Women
Boffo Bumper Stickers

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